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Ashira Salon's namesake is the ancient and powerful Earth goddess Ashira, more commonly spelled Asherah, known as God’s wife. Referred to as Mother Goddess, the one who came before all other Goddesses, she embodies the spirit of motherhood, fertility, and believed to be the creator of all life on Earth. She was worshipped by many different cultures who gave her names such as Astarte, Inanna, Ishtar, and found in the earliest Sumerian writings as Ashratu. 


As new research on her continues to evolve, what fascinates me is the consistency of who she was to people across so many diverse cultures. She was treasured as the luminous goddess of the seas and prayed to as the goddess of reproduction and life-sustaining vegetation. If there was no place to worship her, all one needed was a tree. Associated with sacred trees, her name even translates as a grove of trees in some languages. Asherah poles, often trees, were found at sites of worship, while small wooden Asherah carvings have been discovered well beyond her origin, the Fertile Crescent. Her association with trees is echoed in Ashira Salon’s logo, as I’ve always felt a deep connection with trees. 

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