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Here at our salon we are doing everything in our power to be good ancestors and leave a livable planet for our descendants as well as all who we share our planet with. Ashira Salon is climate positive, which means we go above and beyond current standards of carbon neutral. We are as close to zero-waste-to-landfill as currently possible, donating acceptable landfill to The East Bay Depot for creative reuse. Beyond basic recycling and compostables, we separate and take our non-landfill waste to the proper facilities ourselves to avoid the carbon footprint of shipping it out. We carefully collect hair clippings from haircuts into compostable bags and donate them through HumSum to Matters of trust, which turns hair and fur into mats and coils that clean up oil spills and filter oil out of run off water to keep it from contaminating our Bay. 


We collaborate with Sustain Beauty, using their climate positive products, such as their Ecohead shower head that reduces how much water we consume while it filters out damaging minerals and chloramine. Our hair care products: Rahua and Innersense, found on their own pages on this site, are certified B companies whose ingredients keep our waters clean and who share our passion of sustainability as well as honoring ancient wisdoms of living harmoniously with nature.


May Asherah’s legacy continue here at Ashira Salon as we nurture and nourish our guest’s health with clean ingredients, while honoring the health of our Mother Earth on whom all of life depends on for nourishment and survival. 

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